Selective Attention

The visual cortex

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Attention is the gateway to the mind. We are constantly surrounded by sights and sounds, but are only aware of a small portion of the surrounding environment at a given moment. Attention controls this selectivity. Our work investigates how our knowledge and experience influences which parts of the world we notice, and how this selectivity occurs in the brain.

We have recently been investigating the effects of onscreen cueing. Augmented reality (AR) is growing in adoption and one of the most common uses is for parts of the display to be highlighted so as to draw people’s attention. We are investigating this type of cueing using behavoiural, electrophysiological and pupil-based measures of attention (in both 2D and VR environments), with a particular interest in when it assists performance and when it leads to errors.


Oren Griffiths, Mike Nicholls, Tobias Loetscher (UniSA)

Presentations and papers

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