Oren Griffiths

Email: oren.griffiths@flinders.edu.au

Phone: +61-8-82017567

My research focuses upon the interaction of cognition and neuroscience. I have a particular interest in trial-and-error learning, and how attentional biases and short-cuts can result in erroneous or problematic beliefs (e.g. superstition, anomalous or delusional beliefs). I am also a practicing clinical psychologist with an interesting in cognitive & behavioural therapies for psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar, 1Ep).

Currents projects

Uncertainty and learning, selective attention, and their implications for our understanding of psychotic illness.

For more information, please contact the lab through the contact page, or find me at Twitter, GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, Publons or at Flinders University.

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