Prof Mike Nicholls

Email: mike.nicholls@flinders.edu.au

Phone: +61 8 82012425

My first degree is in Architectural Studies from the University of Adelaide, which was followed by an honours degree in Psychology. After being awarded a scholarship from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, I completed a PhD in Experimental Psychology at King's College, Cambridge. Following the PhD, I worked at the University of Melbourne for 17 years and, during that time, was promoted from lecturer through to professor. In 2010, I moved back to Adelaide to take up a Strategic Professorship in Psychology at Flinders University. I am Director of the Brain and Cognition Laboratory, which has a broad interest in cognitive processes, how they operate and how they might be represented in the brain. I have held various administrative roles including Dean and Deputy Dean of the School of Psychology, Director or the Flinders Institute of Psychological Science and Chair of the School Research Committee. I am an Editor of Laterality and was an Associate Editor for the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Iā€™m currently the Dean of Research for the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Research projects: Numerical cognition and spatial attention, visual assymetries and individual differences, and handedness.