Mike Nicholls

Email: Mike.Nicholls@flinders.edu.au

Phone: +61-8-82012425

Star sign: Aquarius

My first degree is in Architectural Studies from the University of Adelaide, which was followed by an honours degree in Psychology. After being awarded a scholarship from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, I completed a PhD in Experimental Psychology at King’s College, Cambridge. Following the PhD, I worked at the University of Melbourne for 17 years and, during that time, was promoted from lecturer through to professor. In 2010, I moved back to Adelaide to take up a Strategic Professorship in Psychology at Flinders University. I am Director of the Brain and Cognition Laboratory, which has a broad interest in cognitive processes, how they operate and how they might be represented in the brain. I have held various administrative roles including Dean and Deputy Dean of the School of Psychology, Director or the Flinders Institute of Psychological Science and Chair of the School Research Committee. I am an Editor of Laterality and was an Associate Editor for the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. I’m currently the Dean of Research for the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Current Projects

Numerical cognition and spatial attention, visual assymetries and individual differences, and handedness.

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