ERP summer camp


All interactive lessons will be conducted in Matlab using free toolboxes. You’ll need to bring your own laptop (and charger!). You will also need Matlab installed plus the additional toolboxes detailed in this doc:

Day #1: The extension data set for the Matlab practice exercise is here: GoogleDrive

Day #1 (PM): The sample scripts for all exercises can be found here: GoogleDrive

Day #3: The EEG data for pre-processing practice can be downloaded here: GoogleDrive


Wednesday 9.30amSocial Sciences North 210Get set-up and ready. Meet everyone.
Extra data: GoogleDrive
Wednesday 10am-1pmSocial Sciences North 210Programming basics in Matlab
Wednesday 2pm – 5pmSocial Sciences North 210Psychtoolbox for psych experiments
Thursday 10am-1pmSocial Sciences North 241EEG basics and the ERP method
Thursday 2pm-5pmSocial Sciences North 241Data acquisition for ERPs
Friday 10am-1pmSocial Sciences North 210Pre-processing for ERPs
Practice data: GoogleDrive
Friday 2pm-5pmSocial Sciences North 210Quantification and communication


A simple lunch will be provided on all three days to invited attendees (thanks to our sponsor: College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University). If you have any dietary requirements, please make sure that you have contacted us about this. You can do so here:

Getting here

Car. Follow this signs, but beware of delays due to roadwork around Tonsley. Parking is normally ok out of session, but there are building works this year so probably allow some time to find a park. The closest parking is in car parks #4 and #5, followed by #2(north) and #3. If you are a casual visitor, you will need to pay via Cellopark. Details here

Public transport. Trams and trains don’t reach campus (yet). The G10 bus departs from the city and takes ~35mins to campus. Timetable here

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