Trivia night

The lab recently competed in the tri-university trivia night held at Uni SA. Despite a valiant effort – including matching, custom printed, pun-tastic t-shirts – we placed third (just behind Irina’s team, with their trivia champion ring-in). Some have suggested the overall result may be due to our repeated triumphs in the bonus rounds along the way, which were rewarded with wine… In any case, a great night was had by all. (And there can be no doubt we were best-dressed on the evening.)

VR lab tour

As part of the university’s recent marketing campaign, some professional filmographers visited the lab and took a brief virtual reality (VR) video of a participant performing a task in our electrophysiology lab. If you’re interested to see how our lab looks and what we do, you can see a 2D version of the video on YouTube (link), or see the real deal at Flinders open days through 2018.