Based in Adelaide (SA, Australia), the lab undertakes basic research into cognition and its neural underpinnings. Our primary focus is on how learning shapes attention (and vice versa), and on how this interaction shapes behaviour, mental health and performance. One applied question we are currently investigating is whether we can use cognitive neuroscience to understand when augmented reality assists performance, as compared to when it is detrimental. Experimentation uses behavioural methods, eye-tracking, head-mounted VR displays, electroencephalography and clinical interviews. See Projects for more information about specific projects underway now.

Current and Previous Funding

  • DP190102708. Griffiths, O., Beesley, T., Thorwart, A. & Luque, D. (2019-21) Expecting the unexpected: How people prioritise predictability.
  • Griffiths, O. (2018)Covert attention in fundamental human learning. Flinders Impact Seed Funding
  • Griffiths, O. & Gwinn, O. S. (2019) It’s better when we’re together: Using phase synchronized audio-visual neural entrainment to enhance source memory. Flinders EPSW College Grant
  • DE150100667. Griffiths, O. (2015-18). How “known unknowns” become known.

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